Greased Monkey (5 flavors)


Try our novelty item.
It will knock your socks off.
Two handcrafted prerolls made with love and care. Benji comes with 1 gram of premium flower in each preroll along with .25 grams of wax and .25 grams of our golden kief all produced from our farm. This is by far our most spectacular item and you have to try it.
Its definitely an experience you won’t want to miss. Benji will be waiting for you as you slowly calm yourself to be relaxed in a blissful environment just like Benji the greased monkey.

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Premium pre-rolled cone dipped in wax and rolled in Golden kief

Product comes with 2 joints

Each joint contains:
1gram premium flower
.25 grams wax
.25 grams Golden kief

THC: 22 – 27%